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Recycling - looking for new schools to work with

Mpact Recycling Schools Competition 2021 is going strong amidst Covid-19 - and are now looking for new schools and communities to make a difference with!

These are unprecedented times we are living in and it’s hard to feel optimistic about much these days. However, there is one thing you can do as a teacher, parent or ambassador – and that is recycling.

Mpact Recycling is constantly looking for new schools and communities to join the Ronnie Recycler programme and ultimately become drop-off sites for surrounding communities.

Not only will you be doing your bit to help the environment by ensuring recyclables don’t go to landfill – but your child’s school and community can raise funds from recycling.

Recycling happens every day without one really noticing it

The box that arrives at your house with your goodies you’ve ordered online, or the toilet paper that you buy off the shelves, to the box of medicine you get at the pharmacy when you’ve been sick; to the plastic bottle you are drinking your water out of, all the way to the glass bottle your wine comes packaged in.

All these items are made in SA from recycled materials, and as consumers of these forms of packaging it is also our responsibility to ensure they get back into the recycling stream.

Consumer in circular economy

School recycling programme is simple
According to Mpact Recycling, starting a school recycling programme need not be an overwhelming task.

“Paper can be recycled and includes cardboard boxes, white paper, newspapers, toilet roll cores, cartons, etc.,” says Donna Noble, Communications Manager for the recycling business which includes Mpact Recycling and Remade Recycling.

“Further to this, we’ve just started to introduce other grades laike plastic PET bottles and 2-litre milk bottles into the programme. As we progress, we’ll add more grades that are recycled right here in SA.”

Appoint a ‘green ambassador’ at your school

Noble says the first very important step is to appoint a ‘green ambassador’ – either a teacher or a student who will be in charge of the school’s recycling initiative.

“This has proven to be a successful tool among the many schools we collect from. Involving the children as much as possible teaches them from an early age about taking care of their environment,” says Noble.

“Schools can use a number of initiatives to motivate learners, parents, teachers and communities to collect recyclables every week. They could also celebrate National Recycling Day, which takes place every September,” she adds.

R110 000 up for grabs!

To encourage recycling and awareness among schools, Mpact’s Schools Competition will see schools winning prizes nationwide to the value of R110 000 (terms and conditions apply).

“By addressing recycling at school-level and teaching children from a young age that they can make a difference to their environment, we are shaping an important culture of recycling in this country and preserving our resources for future generations,” concludes Noble.

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