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Recycling sites – part of the Recycling Story

Johannesburg, April 30, 2021 – A collector pulling a trolley load of cardboard; a bakkie driving on a side road full of bags of white paper; a bin truck with a net over the top showing loose material making its way to a recycling site. You’ve probably seen these things before but have not actually taken notice of where they are going to or what they mean to you in the bigger scheme of things.

Where recyclables go – collection to baling

All these various forms of paper, cardboard and plastic are making their way to recycling operations to be baled. Baling of waste allows it to be transported more efficiently and loads are in effect ‘fuller’ as they make their way to where the recycling actually takes place.

In South Africa these are the numerous paper mills dotted around the country. Mpact Paper has three – one in Piet Retief (Mpumalanga), one in Felixton (KwaZulu-Natal) and the last one is in Springs (Gauteng).

As the leading waste collector in South Africa, Mpact Recycling – collection arm of the Mpact Group – receives and collects approximately 600,000 tonnes of recyclables per year. We recover paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and cans, all of which is made possible through a number of programmes.

The recycling business has 14 operations in major centres nationwide including Springs, right next to the Springs Paper mill.

World-class recycling facilities

The Springs Yard development project began in 2018. The plan was to upgrade the storage yard and ultimately to create increased recovered fibre storage as part of the group’s bigger storage plan. This had already been executed at the Felixton mill in 2016 and through this world-class standard, fire defences, safety and general operations would also be improved.

The project ran over three phases – each one brought with it specific requirements including: expansion of the hard stand storage area, installing of fire defences and developing a storm water management system. The second phase was to develop the roadway, a new weighbridge and a holding area for the Springs Paper mill. The final phase was the development of the main entrance, construction of a hard wood warehouse and the re-development of the buy-in centre to a fully-fledged branch. Whilst the development was substantial, it was completed on time and within budget in November 2020.

Mpact’s mega facility

The total area has been extended to 52,000m² with the overall site at 72,000m² and safe storage capacity of up to 26,000 tonnes for baled cardboard.

This mega facility allows the group to purchase and store waste safely; whilst consistently purchasing from the market.

The circular economy

The benefit to you, the consumer, is knowing that Mpact Recycling is working hard to ensure that everyday packaging items like that cardboard box that your home delivery came in, makes its way through any of the Mpact programmes, and ends up at one of the 14 Recycling operations. Ultimately, going back into the recycling chain where it will once again be made into another box that could end up back in your house. This gives rise to a true circular economy.

All recovered paper material Mpact Recycling collects and receives is supplied to our FSC certified Mpact paper mills to be manufactured back into paper. Other collected materials are sold to our recycling industry partners for processing into products and packaging.  

Our mission remains to get as many people to recycle as possible.

There is no better time than now. Together we can all invest in a better South Africa empowering others along the way.

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