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Mpact launches recylcing drop-off centre in Hartbeespoort

Hartbeespoort, 16 September 2017 – Today, Mpact Recycling launched a recycling drop-off concept at Village Mall Hartbeespoort. The initiative, which forms part of several projects by Mpact during Clean-up & Recycle SA Week (12 to 17 September), is aimed at filling a recycling gap in the community.

Mpact procurement specialist for the Pretoria region, Sithembiso Mkhize, says there have not been many recycling drives in the Hartbeespoort area to date. “We are hoping to raise awareness around recycling and encourage community members to separate their waste and drop it off at the centre for recycling.”

The drop-off concept is conveniently located at Village Mall, which allocated space to Mpact to create the seven-day drop-off concept. “We selected an area which houses bins to hold the different recycling material, including paper, plastic and glass.

“We urge Hartbeespoort residents to use the facility. Recycling is not only about ensuring that less waste goes to South Africa’s strained landfill sites, it is about engendering a more environmentally conscious society and keeping the country clean and beautiful.”

Given the natural beauty of the Hartbeespoort area, recycling is a concept that Mpact expects will be embraced by many of the locals. “Hartbeespoort, the dam and the surrounding areas attract many weekend visitors and tourists. It seems reasonable to assume that the people who live there would want to preserve their environment,” adds Mkhize.

The drop-off concept is the first step in what Mpact hopes will eventually be extended to households. “We will monitor the response to our initial programme and determine our next steps from there,” says Mkhize.

The site will be managed by a person assigned to it by Brits Buy-back Centre, Paper Planet. Materials will be collected by Mpact once the containers are full.

While recycling is a simple process, there are actions households and businesses can adopt to ensure recyclable material is usable when it reaches the recycling operations.

Recycling tips

  • Separate waste into paper, plastic, tins, glass and non-recyclable household waste.
  • Flatten boxes. This saves space and makes it easier for recycling companies to transport.
  • Do not throw wet items in the paper. This compromises the usability of the paper in the recycling process.
  • Rinse glass and remove labels. This preserves the integrity of the glass and makes it easier to recycle.
  • Rinse liquid packaging containers and flatten them when dry. This means rinsing milk and juice cartons, once again to facilitate the recycling process.
  • Rinse and flatten plastic containers and remove lids. This helps to save space. Lids are not recyclable and should not be included with the other plastic.
  • Check recyclability of plastics. There are different types of plastic products. Check online to see which items are recyclable and which are not.