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Schools urged to pick up pace of paper collecting

With September heralding the onset of spring, the spotlight is firmly focused on the environment. Not only does nature begin to renew itself but South Africa’s annual Clean-up & Recycle SA Week, which runs from 11 to 17 September and incorporates Recycling Day SA on 16 September, highlights the need for everyone to protect the environment and recycle their waste.

Schools are an important part of the equation and every year Mpact Recycling, South Africa’s leading paper recycling company, runs a school’s competition in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape to see which school collects the most recyclable paper.

Veritas Junior College in Johannesburg, has collected 34.743 tonnes of paper since it became part of Mpact Recycling’s (Mpact) Ronnie Recycler programme in 2014, which encourages learners to collect paper and other materials for recycling.

School’s Green ambassador, Gail Freedman, says not only do the children get to learn about preserving the environment, they earn money for their school by doing so; which is an important fundraising initiative “Separating waste is a wonderfully tangible way to teach learners about the environment and how important it is to preserve it.”

Adele Thompson, procurement specialist for Mpact Recycling says with Recycling Day just around the corner, schools are urged to pick up the pace of their paper collecting. “Schools need to get as many people involved in the process as possible, from parents, teachers and learners, to local community members and businesses.

“Schools that are not currently part of the programme can contact us to get their own recycling initiative up and running. We start them off with bags, once they begin collecting regular and consistent tonnages, we supply them with one of our Ronnie Banks – those large green containers – which can hold between 350kg and 500kg when full,” she says.

In 2016, 169,000 learners were reached through Mpact’s Ronnie Recycler programme, compared to 143,000 learners in 2015. Schools are visited by Mpact’s mascot, Ronnie Recycler, who educates them on the environment and what’s, why’s and how-to’s of recycling. Manyatelo says Mpact expects to reach the same if not more learners in 2017.

Interested in starting a recycling programme?

Contact your nearest Mpact Recycling branch on 0800 022 112 or visit Mpact’s website at