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Ronnie Recycler gives Wescott Primary school a big thumbs-up

Mpact Recycling’s schools paper pick-up programme, which allows schools to raise funds while educating young learners on the importance of recycling and in turn environmental awareness, is gaining momentum in several of South Africa’s main centres.

The company’s mascot, Ronnie Recycler, re-launched into the market in June 2014 together with the teams from Mpact Recycling, recently called on Wescott Primary school to congratulate its pupils on the amount of recycled paper they had collected and to encourage them to keep on recycling.

“We were very impressed by the learners’ recycling activities and we want to encourage them to keep up their recycling efforts, as every little bit helps,” says Mpact Recycling’s Communications Manager, Donna-Mari Noble. “Each learner is provided with a small Ronnie Bag to take home and fill up with recyclable paper based items such as old newspapers, magazines, letters, junk mail, envelopes and even cardboard packaging like cereal boxes that their households no longer use. They bring these bags back to school every week and place the waste material into a dedicated Ronnie Bank, which we collect on a regular basis.”

“We’re very excited about this initiative because it has a positive effect at several levels. Not only does it provide a vehicle to dispose of waste paper and cardboard from the learners’ homes, but it also creates excitement around recycling and getting their school involved, and ultimately, prevents landfills being filled up with waste paper. This initiative also educates the next generation on the importance of recycling, so that they will be conscientious recyclers as adults.”

At each participating school, the Ronnie Recycler school programme is driven by a “Green Ambassador”, appointed from among the learners and through the involvement of the teachers. His or her role is to continually encourage learners and teachers to collect recycled paper, to establish “eco” clubs and even to get their parents involved. More than 1,000 schools already take part in the Mpact Recycling schools programme.

Mpact Recycling collects approximately 450 000 tonnes per annum of recovered paper, and supplies this recovered fibre to the Group’s paper mills for processing into recycled-based cartonboard and containerboard for sale to South Africa’s packaging industry. By recycling this waste paper Mpact Recycling prevents it from being disposed of in landfill sites.

“We invite schools based in Gauteng, Pretoria, Richards Bay, Durban and Cape Town that have not yet signed up with Mpact Recycling on the Ronnie Recycler schools programme to contact us and get involved as soon as possible,” Noble concludes. “Ronnie Recycler will also visit your school to help get the programme underway.”

For more information visit Mpact Recycling’s website on or call its toll free number on 0800 022 112.