In what is a major development for the South African paper and packaging recycling market, Mpact Recycling has announced that liquid cartons are now recyclable.

It is Recycling Week and it is time to ask ourselves if we are doing our bit to preserve the environment and make sure as little refuse as possible goes to South Africa’s strained landfill sites.

When South Africans embrace recycling, they help reduce pollution and contribute towards a healthier, greener and cleaner society for themselves and future generations.

We chose Troyeville Primary School specifically because we wanted to brighten the lives of children in one of Johannesburg’s disadvantaged areas.

Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has called for transformation in the waste sector so it can significantly contribute to the growth of the secondary materials economy.

Mrs South Africa 2017 finalist, Nicole Capper, spent Mandela Day with Ronnie Recycler at Poplar Academy in Midrand to help spread awareness and teach children about the importance of recycling.

"Working with a group of strong, dedicated women is incredibly rewarding as each one of the Mrs South Africa finalists has enormous potential to influence their communities and affect positive change", says Donna Noble.

We are embarking on a mini radio campaign from 5 June – 5 July on MixFM Community radio station.

MixFM - Interview with Donna Noble

South Africa’s paper recycling rates match up to many developed economies.